Accessibility Statement

SEA is committed to making its website accessible, in accordance with Law No. 4 of January 9, 2004.

This Accessibility Statement applies to

Status of Compliance: Non-Compliant
This website is partially compliant with the requirements of Appendix A of UNI CEI EN 301549 due to the cases of non-compliance.
The cases of non-compliance and/or the exception(s) are listed below:

Content not accessible
The content listed below is not accessible for the following reason(s):
Non-compliance with Law January 9, 2004, no. 4

For web pages at a general level:Lack of some of some semantic tags partially limits navigation via screen reader
- Images with missing or non-speaking alternative text
-Some elements do not meet color contrast
-Limitation of readability of some elements on page due to non-compliant CSS instructions
-Some pages not fully usable on mobile device

Drafting of accessibility statement
This statement was drafted on 17/01/2023.
The information in the statement was derived from a self-assessment carried out directly by the provider.

Tools used for automatic validation

Ways of sending reports and contact details of the provider
You can send, at any time, reports directly to the link by selecting "Accessibility";

The following information should be included in the report:
- first and last name of the reporter;
-url of the web page that is the subject of the report or the functionality of the app for which non-compliance with the principles of accessibility was found (if problems of a technical or commercial nature were found, such as password reset, line drop, unsubscribable offer, the report should be made in the Support section)
clear and concise description of the problem found;
- tools used for browsing;
- device used (Smartphone, Fixed PC, Tablet, Laptop-Portable PC);
- operating system used (Windows, Linux, Mac OS);
- browser used (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera);
- assistive technologies used (Jaws, Chrome Vox, ToVoice, Nvda, Google Talk, etc.), specifying if possible also the version.

Ways of sending reports to AgID
In case of unsatisfactory response or no response within thirty days to the notification or request, the interested party may submit a report using the following link

About the website
The date of publication of the website: June 2021
1. Usability testing has been conducted: no
2. CMS used for the website: ORACLE CX Commerce Version 22.3.4