The must-haves of the latest women's season are waiting for you. With the right outfits, your style will be memorable! Discover the most suitable items for your feminine looks. Do you have a sweet personality and love feminine style? Choose soft, floral patterned dresses and complete the look with romantic and refined accessories, such as bon ton headbands and Mary Jane shoes. Does your job involve a serious and strict dress code? Go for pieces à la garçonne, wearing masculine pants with lace-up shoes or over blazers with the ever-present white shirt. And if during the day it will be good to go for passepartout outfits such as a plain sheath dress or a dress with a simple and minimal style, for the evening let yourself be inspired by our trendiest proposals choosing maybe animalier patterns and lace dresses with a sexy touch. The result? So many looks, one for every desire, to be simply perfect at all times.

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