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Montblanc Rollerball Muses Maria Callas Special Edition

The Montblanc Muses Maria Callas Special Edition is dedicated to one of the most charismatic sopranos of the 20th century, as well as a particularly popular style icon. With her talent, passion and personality, she embodied a precise ideal of the opera diva. In some of the greatest opera houses, from La Scala in Milan to the Paris Opéra and the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, she was known as "La Divina." The edition emphasizes one of her favorite colors, turquoise, in the fine resin of the body and cap, while the slim, elegant silhouette reflects the graceful beauty of Maria Callas. To evoke her homeland surrounded by the sea, Greece, the platinum-finished clip is embellished with a stone whose color is reminiscent of the bright turquoise blue of the Aegean Sea. The detail of a costume from Bellini's "Norma," one of her most iconic "bel canto" roles, is reflected in the laurel leaf motif that wraps the edition's platinum-finish cone, along with the embossing of the renowned soprano's signature.


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    • Color: Azure,
    • SKU: MB129565
    • Tenant: Montblanc
    • Genre: UNISEX
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