Women's Loafers

Few shoes know how to stay on your feet with the innate class of women's loafers. Soft and lightweight, these shoes are appreciated for their versatility and comfort. Season after season, the timeless moccasin is renewed in design and color without ever betraying its understated and refined style. 

Practical and comfortable, the stringless shoes typical of Scandinavian countries immediately attracted the attention of American designers. Thus it was that starting in the 1930s moccasins began to spread first to the Western world and then worldwide.

At first, the unmistakable lip-masked model was mostly used as a slipper. Later, thanks to the influence of celebrities, it entered the Olympus of leisure shoes. A curiosity: the English word for moccasin is loafer, which means slacker. Despite their name, these shoes without laces spread among diligent students within the most prestigious college campuses in the United States.

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