Cognac is a French distillate protected by a certificate of controlled origin, made from the distillation of white wine. It is produced only in the departments of Charente and Charente Maritime in western France, and a small portion of the Dordogne and the department of Deux-Sèvres, and takes its name from the town that has traditionally been the main seat of its trade, The grapes used come from the main permitted white grape varieties, namely Ugni blanc, folle blanche, colombard and a few minor ones such as sémillon and montils. Ugni blanc, however, occupies 98 percent of the vineyard area and is the main, if not almost the only, grape variety. With its low sugar and acidity the base wine that will be distilled will be low in alcohol and of good acidity, allowing the aromas to be better concentrated by distillation. Its acidity will act as a preservative for the wine, preventing it from spoiling before distillation, imparting floral and grape aromas to the spirit.

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