Sweet wine

The grape varieties from which white wine is made are white grape varieties that are mainly green or yellow in color: Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Riesling, Chablis, Erbaluce, and Chenin Blanc. It is generally obtained by fermenting white grape must without maceration of the skins, but nothing prohibits the use of grapes from black or colored grape varieties, provided that the must precisely is fermented without skin contact that would otherwise stain it. This happens, for example, with Champagne, which is also produced using grapes from Pinot noir. Tasting these wines one perceives a fresh aroma of flowers and fruits, even to the point of blending notes that delicately link with aromatic and condimentary herbs such as mint, lavender and fennel. These are whites that provide a lively explosion of nuances for your taste buds, which can often be paired, precisely because of these fresh characteristics, with shellfish and fish. White wines, whether French or Italian and fine, tell of their lands of origin, enriching the culinary journey of diners. And so we too, through our careful selection, offer you the best Italian and foreign white wines at discounted prices. Through a selection of the best wine countries in the world, we put at your disposal a wide choice of products, described with the organoleptic characteristics and possible pairings: appetizers, first courses, white wine that goes well with fish and desserts. Letting yourself be seduced by the multiplicity of wines, you can move between still or lively white wines with ease.

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